In 2015 Biblioteka Analiz Sp. z o.o. (Ltd), which has been formerly known for its activity on book magazines market, is starting publishing a bimonthly “Aqua Vitae. Ekskluzywny Magazyn o alkoholach” (exclusive monthly on spirits). The editor-in-chief is Łukasz Gołębiewski, longtime journalist in “Rzeczpospolita”, publisher and author of – the biggest Polish web digest about spirits.

The bimonthly will be distributed in form of subscription as well as in chosen luxury liquor stores and bars. Single edition costs 14,99 PLN (including VAT). Year-long subscription costs 80 PLN.

In every issue you will be provided of news from Polish and international liquor market, review of novelties in Polish liquor distributors’ offers, an interview and  topic of the issue, as well as a reportage from a visit in a distillery and articles concerning history of spirits and alcohol distillation, alcohol collecting passion, culture of serving and consuming alcohol, reviews of books about alcohol and tasting notes introducing novelties on the alcohol market.

We encourage you to publish information about your offer – below you can find a price list of chosen advertising formats. Attractive graphic design and high quality coated paper allow you to present your products in the best way possible.



Whole page advertisement inside the edition – 3000 PLN

Layout – 5500 PLN

2nd and 3rd page of the cover – 5000 PLN

4th page of the cover – 6500 PLN

An insert – individual pricing

The above prices do not include costs of preparing materials for printing.

The above prices do not include 23 per cent VAT.


Editorial staff: Łukasz Gołębiewski (editor-in-chief), Jarosław Buss, Łukasz Czajka, Mirosław Pawlina, Bogumił Rychlak, Ewa Tenderenda-Ożóg (secretary of editorial staff)

Publisher: Biblioteka Analiz Sp. z o.o. (Ltd)

Adress: 00-048 Warszawa, ul. Mazowiecka 6/8 p.416








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