Pomagamy w nawiązywaniu kontaktów biznesowych i w poszukiwaniu dystrybutorów na polski rynek, a także w poszukiwaniu producentów dla private labels. Jesteśmy w stanie stworzyć dla Państwa niepowtarzalną wódkę z najlepszego polskiego spirytusu w oparciu o własne unikatowe receptury.
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  1. Hello,
    We are a French company and we are looking for a quality distillery that will work with a private label to set up a long-term partnership.

    We have created our vodka brand (DRAGUNOV, registered trademark at INPI) for which we have opportunities in different countries.

    I would like to know if you had a distilled quality vodka 6 times 100% pure grain at 40% for one liter bottles to start with.
    We even had glass bottles, corks and labels and cartons delivered to a factory in Poland to start bottling and production without wasting time, so we have a stock of dry materials available and ready to go. delivered to the premises of our future partner (we will work well later with your suppliers of dry materials).

    We have obtained prices for a first order of 12000 bottles in this distillery, but some problems with an intermediary based in France lead us to find another partner!

    Thank you for your help and your answer.

    Best regards

    Amar Issiakhem
    President SAS DRAGUNOV

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